Literary Lockdown

020 – Common Sense

Common Sense

‘Why don’t people just use their common sense?
Instead of guidance in a pandemic? You stupid fucking twat.
Those who agree with you, and those who ‘knew why they voted for brexit’
If you ever need a circle, then look at the Venn diagram for that.

Before you start – I know you that you know why you voted to leave
And what common sense means to you
But your inability to see that not everyone agrees
May well be common, but sensible?  Untrue.

It’s why we have speed limits and tests of our driving
And anywhere else where the outcome
Of people just doing whatever they think
Means that countless more people succumb.

So shh common-sensers, hold onto your tongues
And stop with your whinging – it’s insane.
We need proper guidance and rules for our health
To avoid death figures peaking again. 

(c) Michael Gurner – May 2020

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