Literary Unlocking

001 – Invading Hordes

Invading Hordes

Whatever your thoughts were on Brexit
And whether you’re leave or remain
The one prize we know that we’ve won is
Control of our borders again.

So it’s more than a little bizarre then to see 
Our minister, uncomfortably smirking
While saying that without the help of the French
Or border controls just stop working.

It’s ironic to see faces flushed and enraged
As the media stoke up the tension
Cause we’ve just turned our backs on existing accords
Including the Dublin convention 

‘We’re standing alone – sovereign and proud
So fuck all your treaties and pacts!’
‘But please will you help us and open your doors
So we can send ‘unwanted’s’ back?’

Just one example of chaos to come
For our wilfully sleepwalking nation 
As our media distract from the mess that we’re in
By claiming the real threat’s migration.

(c) The Sixty Second Scribe 2020.

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