Literary Lockdown

025 – Absence of Childhood

Absence of Childhood

Hands up if you ever ate something 
From another kid’s tasty school lunch?
Or had stuff of yours taken from you?
All of you?  Well I did have a hunch.

To think that kids don’t share or pilfer?
I admit it, I’m really beguiled
The only way you that could think that?
Never meeting or being a child!

Till now I’d thought that quite unlikely 
I’d presumed them as human as I
But maybe they should be examined?
A Voight-Kampff test? Or study their eyes?

Between you and me, let’s be honest
Were they marked as a species apart
I’d find that much simpler to follow
Than the bilge that they share with their charts.

(c) Michael Gurner – May 2020