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015 – V is for Remembrance

V is for Remembrance

The perspective that time has bought, should be woven into this day
Lest we fall into the same trap, that led there in the first place
This was not victory over Europe.  This was not even victory over Germany.
It was victory over fascists, who had sought to create their master race

Victory over those who believed that simply by accident of birth
They were born to rule over all they despised 
That their ancestry and bloodline was so superior to others
That it gave them the right to demonise

Demonisation of ‘The Other’, left unchallenged.
Led to Genocide.  It.  Always.  Will.
Events like today need to remember, not any superiority or victory
But our fragility and that the risks live with us still.

(c) Michael Gurner – May 2020