Literary Lockdown

028 – Start The Clock Again

Start The Clock Again

Can you see the pattern?
Have you worked out how they do it?
First they claim they’re in control
When pressed, they bluff right through it. 

Then they change their story 
And deny what’s said before 
And then they’ll set a target 
Which they know that they’ll ignore. 

Then they’ll claim they’ve hit it
And then they cough and bluster
Then promise ‘jam tomorrow’ 
With all the vigour they can muster

And all this stays unchallenged
Not a soul prepared to say 
This doesn’t match the promises
You made on previous days

So track and trace looms large
World class by 1st June
And as the day approaches 
We’ll eat up all they spoon

And when their plan is shown
To be something less than claimed
They’ll set another target 
And we’ll start the clock again

(c) Michael Gurner – May 2020